Is Wine Really Good For Your Health?

Many people have heard that a glass of wine a day is good for their health. Some do not believe this claim since wine contains alcohol. People still continue to ask is wine really good for your health? There are some benefits to drinking a small amount of wine.

Lower Cholesterol

A glass of red wine a day can increase the amount of HDL or the good cholesterol levels in the body by as much as 20 percent. All that is needed for this is just 5 ounces of wine a day.

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Help the Brain

Wine can actually boost brain activity, especially in women. As a woman ages those that drank a glass of wine a day had better mental functioning than those that did not. People that also drank a glass of wine a day were at a reduced risk for developing mental decline as they age.

Lower Body Fat

People that have a glass of wine a day are said to have a lower body mass level than people that do not drink wine. People that are wine drinkers have less fat in their abdominal area and a smaller waistline. Wine is able to burn more calories when exercising than people that did not consume wine.

Boost the Immune System

Wine drinks were able to decrease these chances of getting sick by 11 percent. They also had a reduced chance of developing other health conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, and various stomach cancers. Wine will also help protect the body against food poisoning caused by salmonella.

Improve Bone Density

People that drank wine had a higher bone mass density than people that did not. Bone density is very important especially as a person ages. There are many people especially women that suffer from osteoporosis as they age.

Help with Blood Sugar Levels

People that drank wine on a daily basis were forty percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non-wine drinkers. This study was conducted by Harvard Medical School and followed the participants for a period of two years. Wine seems to be able to reduce insulin resistance in people that are diabetic and reduce the risk a person has for developing diabetes. While wine does contain sugar most of it is natural sugar from fruit. There are also light versions of wine where there is no sugar added.

Increase Estrogen Levels

This is very important for women especially as they age. Wine is able to boost the estrogen levels in the body. This will help keep the bones strong and will also help reduce the symptoms of menopause as a woman ages.

These are some of the health benefits that a person can see when they drink a glass of wine a day. Wine can be too much of a good thing. Drinking more than a glass will not increase the health benefits. Wine still contains alcohol so moderation is key. When a person has a glass of wine a day they can improve their overall health.